Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Green Building panel discussion at Klamath Falls downtown library

Thursday evening, May 28th, is the third talk of our series at the library. Each one has been well attended and great questions and ideas put forth. This one promises even more. Gina Franzosa, Oregon Director for Cascadia will be here to speak and the Medford staff of Energy Trust, along with a few of their corporate folks will be coming in as audience members. Speaking will be OREC representatives Linda Riley and the director, Tom Chester; from SCOEDD, Betty Riley; Tim Thompson, WHPacific engineer and only local LEED AP; and Nabil Taha, Ph.D, P.E., owner of Precision Structural Engineering, the foremost green engineering firm in southern Oregon.
This event will be the kick off for the Energy Trust's Energy Fair on May 3oth at KCC from 10-4 with workshops, presentations, booths and vendors, food and lots of information and demonstrations.

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