Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Parr Lumber offers FSC Certified wood in Klamath Falls!

Bill Trent of Parr Lumber Company on Spring St and Main says:
The Current facilities that are (soon) FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, for at least the next year, will be in
Bend, which will handle Central Oregon and Southern Oregon, to include K Falls and Medford.

Please let those who you think might be interested know our company fleet is all FSC certified but the products are available through PLC we now have the logistics worked out to service Southern Oregon by transferring it out of our Bend location or on our distribution trucks into our yard.

Although we will not be stocking the material, with a little forethought to your needs, we can have it here when the project is ready to start. I am personally really excited about this. I have been working with our FSC/Green team trying to get this into the market. It’s not perfect yet but at least those who wish to make responsible choices have the avenue to do so.

I know in these times it is hard for people to pay the extra to get FSC products, but I believe by applying a pull through technique, we can get those mills into a production level that will make the pricing competitive with the everyday market.

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