Monday, February 1, 2010

Passive Solar Home Tour! Free!

First Klamath Leaf Event for the Year!

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Please join our Klamath Leaf on a tour of Rich and Laura Roseberg's home for a closer look at passive solar design, radiant floor heat, and native plant landscaping. This is a great opportunity to learn more about design options for new homes or renovation projects, and to meet or learn about the contractors who have been involved!

Space is limited! If interested, please send an rsvp email to:

Directions: 6948 Peregrine Heights (click for google map)
1) The paved route:
- North on Hwy 97
- Right on Shady Pine Rd
- Right on Peregrine Heights

2) The unpaved, southern route:
- North on Hwy 97
- Right on Wocus Rd
- Right on unpaved road to top of Paradise Hill
- Left (?) on Peregrine Heights.


  1. This tour is going to be awesome! It is the first for our LEAF with more planned for 2010. Come get ideas how you can make your home (or your future home) more sustainable.

  2. THere are 2 of us who will be joining you tomorrow. See you at 1

  3. Tried to send email to the address listed in the paper for the tour Saturday, but had no luck! Anybody else having the same trouble? Want to go!